Stacey Green


Stacey is fairly new to Colorado, having moved here with her family, two dogs, and three horses when her husband was stationed at Ft. Carson. Although they are originally from Kentucky, they have lived in many states during her husband’s military career and have fallen in love with Colorado.

Stacey has volunteered with therapeutic riding and equine assisted psychotherapy programs for the last several years. As a result, she’s been both lucky and honored to work with and learn from veterans, children, many other equine professionals, and, of course, a variety of very special horses. In the past, she has worked as a victim advocate and a crisis responder in both a hospital and a safe house for families affected by domestic violence.

Stacey received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Kentucky in 1987 and earned her PATH International certification as an Equine Specialist in
Mental Health and Learning in 2019.

Ariel Trcka


Ariel is an experienced horsewoman and teacher having owned, ridden, and trained horses for over 15 years. Originally from Texas, Ariel has been passionate about horses since she was given her first pony at four years old, but it wasn’t until after high school, when her family relocated to western North Carolina, that she discovered the field of equine therapy and knew she found her calling.

Ariel received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and equine-assisted psychotherapy from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2009. Since then she has held a variety of equine positions, provided equine therapy to children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and clinical disorders, volunteered at a hippotherapy clinic in Mexico, evaluated and trained therapy horses, and instructed individuals of all ages and levels of ability to ride and enjoy horses.

Ariel had strong ties to Colorado, in the form of family and friends, her entire life. She grew up visiting and spending time here, specifically the Denver and Boulder areas, on a regular basis. She always felt a strong connection to this beautiful state and its wonderful people, so in the spring of 2019 she decided to officially become a Colorado resident.