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Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers – Equine Therapy Database  July 2019   As many of you know, it is extremely difficult spreading the word about your local non-profits, including us! Double D Trailers reached out to HorsePower and has asked if we would like to be part of a nation wide data base that shares all the […]


WHY USE HUMOR in LESSONS June 2019   It’s no surprise that people who laugh enjoy life and handle its challenges better than those that don’t know how to find the humor in everyday tasks. When giving riding lessons to students who already find life challenging or intimidating, making riding lessons fun and enjoyable can […]


Why be a Volunteer? April 2019   It’s not for the money, it’s not for the fame. It’s not for any personal gain. It’s just for love of fellow man. It’s just to send a helping hand. It’s just to give a tithe of self. That’s something you can’t buy with wealth. It’s not medals […]


Not long ago we had a new student sign up for lessons. His main goal was to be able to sit on a horse with confidence. For most of us that sounds like it would be a fairly easy goal to accomplish. For this youngster his anxiety was so overwhelming it was all he could […]


When you own animals you go into it knowing that they won’t be with you for the rest of your life. That being said, it’s still a shock to your heart when that time comes to say goodbye. As a fellow horse owner, having a horse is one of the most amazing experiences you can […]