Success Stories

Horses leave footprints on your heart

Meet Simone

“My daughter Simone has been a student at HorsePower for the last 3 years. She has grown to feel at home with horses and loves coming to class. It is the highlight of her week. It is amazing to see the difference in her behavior after class as she is definitely calmer and more focused which is difficult with her underlying ADHD. The HorsePower community is a special one and it is one that has fostered her love of animals and where she is accepted and honored. I am certain the experience for Simone will have lifelong benefits.”

– Victoria

Meet Christopher

“Christopher has been riding with HorsePower for 7 years. He likes to ride because it allows him to do an activity independently. His favorite part is going on a trail ride.”

Meet Ella

“When Ella first started HorsePower she was incredibly shy, insecure and was struggling with anxiety. Over the years we have watched her find her voice, courage, self-esteem and the ability to handle stressful situations all while riding a horse. We are so thankful to HorsePower and all of the volunteers who have been there each step of the way.”

– Jennifer


“These three ladies Diana, Erika and Sandy touched my heart at the HorsePower Gala on September 16. They do head walking and side walking when Mike is on his horse. When they found out that Mike was home sick they purchased a Chicago Bulls backpack and Cambelback from the silent auction and gave it to me to take home to Michael. They are really good people in this world.”

“Have always loved our gentle giants, the horses. I feel so blessed to be able to follow my dream. The ranch is a beautiful place to be. I have made many new friends including our wonderful students, fellow volunteers, all those involved at the ranch. It takes us all as well as a team to make it work. All are dedicated to our mission to bring confidence and lover to our students. A very special place to be for all of us. My happy place. Come join us and you will see.”