Who We Help

Veterans, First Responders, and Elderly

We offer our services free of charge to veterans, acCve duty military members and first
responders and their families.

For people working through post-traumaCc stress, depression, trauma and other issues, horses
offer a mirror. ParCcipants can learn how to recognize and regulate emoConal responses as they
deal with 1000-pound animals whose survival insCncts compel them to flee when confused or

Types of Classes

Everyone starts with basic barn safety and handling horses from the ground. They learn how to properly approach, catch, Ce and groom. Every moment is a learning opportunity, a chance for them to observe and connect with the horse.

Students learn how to lunge a horse to establish basic communication. They see how every motion they make – even something as subtle as shifting weight from one foot to the other – can affect how the horse responds. The idea is to make them fully present and aware of what they’re doing and how the horse reacts.

Riding lessons focus on gentle hands, effective cues and a strong seat. With an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, a round pen and 100 acres of trails, riders progress at a rate that fits their abilities and needs..

HorsePower offers both group lessons and private.

Group Lessons

In group lessons, 2-4 students begin with stretching while riding at a walk. During this time the horses are being led by a volunteer. Everything we do is with great enthusiasm and over the top gestures to keep their attention and lower any stress that the student might be bringing into the arena with them. After stretching, we review previous skills and introduce and practice a new skill. A game is created with the new skill in mind and everyone gets involved! We use props and toys in our games to make it fun and interesting for the students as well as the volunteers! If time permits, we will take the students on a short trail ride around the ranch. This is great for the students. They can view cattle grazing in the pastures, horses running around in the fields, hawks swooping among the trees. Students get to hear many new sounds they don’t normally hear while living in town. Upon returning from the trail ride we do a quick review of the new skill and discuss what they will be learning at the next lesson.

Private Lessons

With private lessons, we teach the student many things about the horse. Students learn how to halter a horse, lead a horse safely, brush and saddle their horse. This approach is structured so the student can learn sequencing in a fun way. They also learn new terminology and techniques. When brushing and tacking a horse, students work on large and fine motor skills. This can be challenging for some individuals at first but is ultimately extremely rewarding. We also have a clock on the wall in front of the hitching post to help the student learn time management and practice telling time!

Once the horse is ready to ride we head into the arena. There we have the student practice leading their horse, turning, stopping and backing. Everything they learn on the ground is translated once they are up on their horse. Then the lesson is tailored to the student’s individual goal. After stretching we will review previous skills, teach a new skill, practice that new skill in a game with that new skill in mind. If possible, we will go on a short trail ride then conclude with the student helping to untack the horse before their lesson is done. It’s a very busy, fun 1-hour lesson!